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Lord & Taylor is an American department store chain and the oldest department store in the United States. As of August 2019, it consists of 38 stores and one outlet store. The flagship store at the Lord & Taylor Building on Fifth Avenue in New York City operated from 1914 until 2019. The chain has been a subsidiary of Le Tote since November 2019. Lord & Taylor along with parent company Le Tote filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on August 2, 2020, and on August 27, 2020, it was announced that Lord & Taylor would be going out of business.

User "Corina S" recounts her experience with a coat ordered from Lord & Taylor, on the "Influenster" website, on December 5, 2018:

"I could not believe how poor the shopping experience was, start to finish! Found a coat I liked, it was out of stock in my size, they found it in New York but couldn’t honor the online price so I had to go home and order it online, which took forever because their website was incredibly slow and glitchy. Then I had to wait several days for it to even ship, not to mention how long it would take to get to me; but wait, several days later I received an email telling me that my order was canceled. I had to waste more time calling to see why it was canceled after they had already placed a hold on my credit card! Phil let me know that it was actually out of stock, that their website does not update daily so they can’t actually tell what orders they can and cannot fulfill. When I called they couldn’t give my money back, they couldn’t order me a coat, they couldn’t tell me if they were going to have more inventory or not, they couldn’t automatically order my coat if they did receive it, they couldn’t offer much except for a 15% discount IF I wanted to waste more time by calling back in to ask for it. I mean how much time do I have to waste before I give up on buying this coat? I can’t even imagine how many customers they lose from something like this. Poor price matching across the market, poor website, charging before they can fulfill orders, which should be illegal if you ask me, poor customer assistance once you reach a representative, extremely poor resolution if you can even call it a resolution. So, how long before they go out of business? Not soon enough!"


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Current Employee - Sales Associatess/Assistant Manager says

"Corporate lies they don’t care a bit about associates, you give up all holidays"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"The company lost its way over the years, especially after leaving HBC. The senior leadership was not qualified or prepared to save the company. It’s very very sad."

Former Employee - Creative Team Associate says

"-Pay -Benefits -Upper management was woefully incompetent -C-level higher-ups changed way too frequently, which meant that the company vision changed frequently This was the most disorganized company I've ever worked for. Endless meetings where nothing actually gets accomplished, upper management that prowled around the office like babysitters, a lack of direction from upper management to middle management that led to a lack of career planning for their direct reports. After being bought by Le Tote, the President kept preaching about having a "start-up mentality", but leadership clung to outdated, super-corporate policies that directly conflicted. There was little to no actual integration with Le Tote, and we were never given any real idea of what the plan would be to bring the two very different companies together. "Cost of living" salary increases were laughable. It was difficult to work on marketing materials because the vision for the brand changed too many times...6 months after a huge rebranding, Le Tote came in and scrapped everything we'd worked on, but never really put a new plan in place."

Former Employee - Sales Associate says

"poor salary not caring about associates concerns"

Former Employee - General Manager says

"Chaotic direction from senior team, no plan, favoritism without regard to performance"

Former Employee - Retail Sales Associate says

"fired 4 people at a time last month in the store manager’s office with a letter for poor performance and getting rid of health insurance in November without me being notified.and having a manager walk you out without saying goodbye to my co worker and embarrassed when the manager said not to stay inside waiting for my ride."


"Changed vacation policy once Le Tote came on board , Changed job rolls, fired half of the dedicated staff"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There is massive layoff in Lord and Taylor stores. And more to expect..."

Former Employee - Operations says

"negative work environment, minimum to no rapport, low wages"


"Not many career growth opportunities."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Snotty rude people managers were awful treated with no respect no sense of purpose there and it closed years ago imagine that they don’t seem to care about the workers NoneLousy benefits and wages"

Area Manager (Former Employee) says

"Store manager unprofessional, no work life balance no on boarding training , No structure , lack of management, Poor staffing, workings 12 hours a day requiring and expected"

Employee (Former Employee) says

"A company well never grow and be on solid footing if they use the old strategy of "throw all you can against the wall and see what sticks". Might explain the decades worth of losses in revenue, market share and employment."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work. They have a lot of favoritism. They aren’t loyal to their employees. I worked there for 2 years. I asked for 10 days off and they said I had to resign and reapply and hope my job was still available. Mind you I was a part time associate not full time and I felt like it was an excuse to just get rid of me. They’re very selective on who they reprimand. DO NOT WORK HERE!!!"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Great workers and great management. People who are not qualified are in charge of the company! Corporate HR are pure evil, scheming against everyone "who is not HR" and most importantly LIERS! They allow harassment to exist and will cover it up at any cost!"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I hated working here. Most of the managers did not know my name nor did they care too. They care about their money more then the costumers, they will not give damage discounts and will take hours away if you don’t make enough credit cards!! I was depressed working here and actually had to check myself in to a psychiatric center. Never again!"

Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"I was let go for no apparent reason. Whereas my counterpart who was a favorite with the regional VP got to keep her job! People got fired just for not getting along, criticism of hr practices etcNoneOutdated business practices, logistics support very poor"

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"If the big boss is FRIENDS with your manager you have NO CHOICE BUT TO BE MISERABLE bc no one will come to your rescue. Even if you manager is wrong and accused by more than 7 employees of being a bully. theres no chance you will be listened to.Get to have cool coworkersAwful management in all levels!!! ALL"

Support Worker (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place to work they routinely lie to you about what they're doing and make you work harder and harder only to benefit themselves to make sure that they get their own bonuses at the end of the year"

Human Resources Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"The GM belittled and bullied others with her language, it was unprofessional and border line illegal what she would say/do. There is a culture of discrimination, I was told not to hire too many of “one kind” of race by the GM. I could not work more than 40 hours on the clock, but was allowed to work off the clock which is illegal (FLSA). The lack of training here is preposterous, absolutely no help from corporate HR. The only thing my years working here had taught was how to not treat employees. I highly recommend looking somewhere else before working here."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I trained and then I quit the next day. It was super unorganized. Training day and time kept changing. After training I asked what I should do for the day and was told ehhh walk around youll find something. Uh no I need to know what department Im in and everything. It was not the job for me at all."

Beauty Guide (Former Employee) says

"Management harasses & bullies staff they don't like. Be prepared to have a lawyer. They are good at demoting positions. Open Thanksgiving. Benefits are decent."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Never recognized for your endless hard work and dedication to the customers. Just felt like a number and constant pressure to open credit cards. Always felt like an outsider because co-workers would constantly speak other languages in front of you(not English). The salary is very poor and the raises are literally pennies. Management does not care about you unless you are lying to your customers to open credit cards. After almost 14 years I was only making $13 an hour.Helping customersEverything else"

HR Coordinator II (Former Employee) says

"Lord and Taylor overworked, underpaid and harassed their employees. They allowed managers to be speak and treat their employees with such disrespect."

Commissioned Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I turned in many internal thieves lots of crazy people being itrespisinle and. Being bullies even after i left they refuse to back off and i cant stop them seemingly they are out of control they havebeen very msnipulative and disgusting and offensivr snd vulgar. They are very offensive snd agressive and dont understand bpundaries or team work or good service stzndsrds very inapproproate behaviorsClientel and products 100%Managenent and hr need better professionals"

cosmetics (Former Employee) says

"Management at the top is very poor. Demeaning behavior toward lesser management and associates. Poor choices for lead positions. Bad business choices. Poor attitude towards customers. Erratic staffing patterns."

Sale associate (Current Employee) says

"There is not enough staff. You’ll literally be alone for hours before the next person comes in. The work load is tripled up (lack of staff) and the pay is no good. Worse place I’ve wver worked in."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"I dont recommend wasting your time working there too much favoritism and bullying by management. No recognition for the people that does hard work, but the people that's not doing what they're supposed to don't get in trouble for anything. crazies place I've ever worked so backwards, new GM needs the BOOT she dont act like a GM she runs from all issues. associates can never be available to help customers cause they have you doing a million thing all day. It wasnt always like this but it is now 😔 few nice people there like are HR she's fun and try to be helpful not hard on associates. And Supervisors are nice as wellYour days offBeing there"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Working for his company was not as good as it was said to be. The gave. I notice when they let everyone go. Some walked into a meeting and were told to go pack their desks and it was their last day. Others (Me) were given an end date. That didn’t stop them from working us to the ground."

Beauty Advisor (Former Employee) says

"This is the worst job I ever had, never work here... management, salary,co-workers all Suck.......everyone working there was so rude.. no one cared about this place"

Michelle says

"Received the wrong coat in September 2019, called and actually got through to a human and was told to return it and order the coat again and a few days later got an email it was out of stock. I used an L&T gift card and my L&T credit card and my account is charged for the full amount of the coat I never received, and like everyone else on here I have called numerous times and was on hold for hours and hours. No website, no phone number to reach anybody other than Capital One who owns the L&T credit card and who keeps calling me constantly to harass me to pay the fraudulent balance which I will not do. I'm sure this will affect my credit rating down the line."

Ripped off says

"Ordered 2 items online. Received delivery confirmation for full order, however only received one of the items. Have been charged for both. Called to complain, would not refund. Told me to open a case. Haven’t heard anything- tried calling back couldn’t get through. Not paying for what I did not receive!!!"

Donna Maser says


Dental Office says

"Placed an order on November 15. Says it was delivered Nov 20. It most certainly was not delivered to me. Their website is down, their phone numbers don't work. Their email doesn't work. I'm out $88. I will not be making any payments on my lord and taylor account until i get my money back."

Jose Vasquez says

"I placed a 6 item order on November 20th and a couple days later I received an email with shipment information indicating that all items had shipped. I received 1 small bag package from FedEx on 12/2 with only 1 item. I called FedEx but they told me to call the shipper because they were only notified about 1 package and that's what they delivered. I called L&T store in CT and they gave me no info. I have no idea what to do at this point. I m out $100 with no resolution due to the Lord n Taylor website been down n no working phone number either. Unhappy, frustrated, disappointed!!!! :("

Dianne says

"On Oct 4 I placed a order for boots. On Oct 7th I received them and they weren't the boots I ordered!. I called immediately and they said they would let me know where to return the boots because no stores were accepting returns. On Oct 9th, I received an email from Angel Penabella from HBC. Stating the below: "you have 2 options wither you keep it then give you an egiftcard for $25.00 and forget it happened or I can create a ticket for requesting a refund which can take14 business day." I obviously chose the refund. It's now December 2nd and I have not received a refund!!! they're not accepting phone calls and the email doesn't work anymore."

Rosemary Kihika says

"I have shopped at L&T for a long time and was disappointed when they closed their stores in Houston some years ago. However, for three days I have tried to place my order but it keeps spinning and bringing me back to “Checkout”. Finally this evening , after countless tries, it went further in processing and showed “ free shipping” and then spins again and shows a charge of $15.95 yet my order qualifies for free shipping. So I decided to call their contact number to enquire why I was being charged shipping. The system said I had zero wait time so I was happy I’d be attended immediately. Sorry to say but music played for more than an hour and nobody answered the phone so I ended up hanging up. In frustration I decided I go to their website to complain only to get there and find all these bad reviews. I now get the picture and once I finish this review I’m going back to delete my order. It was a blessing in disguise that the order didn’t go through because I could have ended up being double or triple charged as I read in some reviews. What a messed up way to end their business!"

Stephanie Menta says

"I have been trying for three days to get through and nobody ever answers the phone. I also tried several times to place an order online and it keeps saying error .. awful way to go !!! No customer service at all. On hold now for 60 minutes."

Sheila says

"Not refunding me for an item missing off my order. 4th attempt trying to call. I have spent hours on the phone and most times just get disconnected after 45 to 60 minutes. Now waiting for 49 minutes after told there was zero wait time. I guess they are just ripping people off by trying to beat them down with the horrible customer service. No wonder they are goi g out of business ☹️"

Brittany S says

"I've had a debit card for 20+ years and have NEVER had a fraudulent charge until today. Yesterday I placed an order on their website for $108.80. Today I got randomly charged again even though I removed my payment info from the site after my order - this time for $89!!! Not only that, my items shipped separately, which normally wouldn't be an issue, but the tracking info on the first shipment says it left a FedEx facility at 3am TOMORROW ?? I've read stories about fake tracking info. I now need a new debit card for the first time due to the fraud charge of $89- which I better get back , in addition to receiving what I actually ordered undamaged!! When you call the service line you are left on hold for hours !"

brie says

"I made purchases for about $400. Half that amount was canceled because they no longer had the items in available. While processing the payments, their system was extremely slow, really weird. Later that day, I received about 6-8 emails from L&T, telling me thanks for my order. Looked like duplicate emails. Next day I received about 10 additional emails and more charges I had no idea about. I checked my Wells Fargo account and was out about $1900 from Lord & Taylor. It is despicable that Lord & Taylor is committing fraud like this. I called my WF to report and open a claim. I have been calling LT all week, waited on line 40, 50 minute up to 70 minutes and no one never came on the line to assist me. No wonder they're going out of business. I have shopped online several times never experienced this level of thievery and unprofessionalism like this before. LT you better give me my money back."

Lisa B says

"Horrible...I placed an order on Saturday November 14. I was using gift cards for a portion of the purchase. In checkout, the website froze and would not complete the sale. However, when I went to purchase the items again, both gift cards had been drained of the money!! This is unconscionable."

Angel says

"Lord & Taylor is DOUBLE CHARGING ME!! I used my debit card to place 2 orders on November 13, 2020. Since my debit card was used, the transaction costs were immediately (and correctly) debited from my Checking Account. Order 1 ($416.12) had a total of 6 items. Order 2 ($210.32) The following day after I checked out online, Lord & Taylor sent 6 different email notifications stating that PART of my order was being shipped. Each email included a photo and the price of the was being shipped, the total order cost was quoted at the bottom of the message. I noticed that each time I received an email, a corresponding DEBIT appeared in my checking account!!! The new charge wasn't for the cost of the item being shipped, they charged the REDUCED BALANCE after the cost of the item had been removed from the original balance. For clarification: Order #1 is $462.12. On 11/14 at 2:02 PM I get 1 of 6 emails stating that they shipped a dress (RACHEL Rachel Roy Marcella Floral-Print Sheath Dress Black Combo: $59.50). I receive an alert from my bank Re: a charge to my debit card for for $399.05 ( = cost of dress + tax from the shipping state). THEY CHARGED AN ADDITIONAL $399.05 TO MY CHECKING ACCOUNT. The same day at 4:15PM I receive 2 of 6 emails about a partial shipment: Dress The Population Liza Sequined Slit-Sleeve A-Line Dress: $49.60. My debit card was charged -346.47 (the balance after the cost of the dress + tax from the shipping state. I get another message (3 of 6 emails) at 4:37 PM: Partial shipment of Tadashi Shoji Sequin-Embellished V-Neck Gown &97.00. That follows with an alert text from my bank that a debit charge for $243.65 was posted to my checking account (the balance of my original purchase after the cost of $97 + tax was deducted). I logged in to my Lord & Taylor account to check my order history. I only saw the 2 orders that I had placed the night before. I suspected that my debit card had been compromised. I called my bank to ask about this. While I was on the phone with my bank, at 718PM, I receive ANOTHER email message (4 of 6 emails) Re: partial shipment of RACHEL Rachel Roy Lynette Off-The-Shoulder Sheath Dress $55.60. That follows w/ a text alert from my bank re: another debit charge of $188.05 (the balance after the cost of the dress has been deducted from my original purchase of $462.12). THEN, at 7:35 PM, I receive another partial shipment notice (5 of 6 emails) regarding Order #2 (which originally cost $210.32 - Paid on November 13th): Tahari Arthur S. Levine Long-Sleeve Velvet Jacket ($63.60) - followed by a text alert from my bank re: a debit charge for $142.90. At 7:49PM I receive the 6th partial shipment email notice (also for Order #2) stating that Tahari Arthur S. Levine Velvet Slim Pants ($35.60) were shipped - followed w/ a text alert from my bank that a debit charge of $105.16 was posted to my checking account. THE TOTAL N-E-W CHARGES TO ON MY DEBIT CARD = $1,459.68 (American Dollars)!!!!!! Oh, and THAT'S NOT ALL!! Last month I placed 2 orders on October 24, 2020 and another order on October 31, 2020. THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH THOSE ORDERS TOO, however my bank ALSO suspected fraud and closed my previous debit card to prevent additional purchases. NOW that I've figured out what they're doing, I will have my bank go back and force Lord & Taylor to Restore the $3,560.55 of BOGUS duplicate charges for those transactions as well!! What the Hell is Going On with their accounting department??? THESE charges are ON TOP of my original expense of $462.12 (for Order #1) and $210.32 (for Order #2) which were BOTH PAID IN FULL on Friday, November 13, 2020. In the fine print of the Lord & Taylor email communications the fine print states: "If you have any questions regarding your order, please reply to this email or contact customer service from 7am - 2am EST, 7 days a week, at 1.800.223.7440." Of course after receiving the first message, I immediately called the phone number, to receive the recording" Thank you for calling Lord & Taylor. We are CLOSED. Normal business hours are Monday - Friday....." This time, I asked my bank not to close my current debit card until after I reach someone at Lord & Taylor customer service and/or their Billing department. I understand what's happening. All of the additional charges that were posted, are adjustments that should NEVER have posted to my debit card. The adjustments should only have remained on their back end accounting - NOT on my debit card. Just think, if I had used my Credit Card, I never would have seen the charges until the following month - after my credit card statement had been issued!! It's no wonder they're going out of business - but they better GIVE BACK MY MONDAY before that store closes for good! DON'T SHOP HERE. IF YOU MADE AN ONLINE PURCHASE, CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT STATEMENTS!!"

Beth Kim says

"I have been calling customer service for weeks and waited more than an hour on hold each time until I get disconnected. I ordered 2 bottles of Clinique makeup remover; one arrived 2/3 full. I would get a refund if I could return it. But the website doesn’t accept returns and I can’t get through to customer service on their phone number. I didn’t anticipate receiving a used or open item. Going out of business is one thing, but unloading damaged/used merchandise to your customers is unacceptable."

Joseph McDonald says

"On October 6. 2020 I placed an online order for a Clarks Tilden Penny loafer shoe, colour Tan. One receipt of the order I was shipped a black shoe. On October 12th I called into the Customer Service Department of Lord&Taylor and had to wait on the phone for two hours before a representative of Lord&Taylor answered the phone. I explained that I was sent the wrong colour shoe and the representative apologized for the mistake and give me a ticket number and assured me that I would be refunded in two weeks and I would be contacted on how to get the item back to them, since there is a no return policy in effect from August. Thirty days have passed and I am still being charged on the invoice sent to me for an item I did not order nor have I been contacted by any representative of Lord & Taylor. I have called Customer Service on the number provided 1-800-223-7440 and a recording informed me that a representative will be with me in two minutes. I waited over one hour and the line went dead. I am not prepared to make any further purchases from Lord &Taylor even if they were being sold for pennies. A business going out of business do not have to go out of Customer Service."

Unhappy Customer says

"I placed an order on October 25th online. I have only received part of the order and am unable to get hold of anyone to find out what happened to my other order. Noone picks up the phone and I never received a call back when I was given the option for a call back. Right now I have been on hold for almost 2 hrs now after being told my wait time is 20 min. After reviewing other people's experiences I am now worried I am never going to get my order or my money back... This is ridiculous... wish I had known before placing an online order."

Meredith Rosenberg says

"Within days of making a purchase, I discovered FOUR fraudulent charges from Lord and Taylor. I had my bank close my card and will dispute the charges, but I've NEVER had a legit retailer fraudulently charge my card before. Spend your money elsewhere - their closeout sale sucks anyway. Good riddance, Lord and Taylor."

Heather Hansen says

"Disappointed ☹️ Dress I received on 10/9/20 looked like it was previously worn & returned. Front of dress was full of makeup. What a waste of money. Final sale so I can’t return. No wonder they are going out of business."